Thursday, 23 April 2015

We Love the Nuby Nibbler!

I'm Since having Freddie I have become familiar with the brand Nuby through all my social media channels. Their designs and innovative products always catch my eye, even more so in the lead up to our weaning journey.

I will be honest, I saw The Nibbler and was a bit sceptical, I didn't really see the point, and mentally put it in the same category as the 'wipe warmer' (I mean seriously, a wipe warmer?! Come on!!).

However when I went on my little weaning shopping spree I was so excited I practically bought one of everything.  I only went to Sainsbury's to begin with and the only Nuby product they had was The Nibbler and as it was only £4 I thought ah well, why not. 

Freddie was really fussing over his gums, those two bottom teeth are really starting to show them selves, and nothing was making him happy. he was chewing his hand ferociously and I was getting bored of picking up the teething rings he was just tossing on the floor.  I remembered The Nuby Nibbler packet suggests filling the net with frozen fruit as a teething aid so as I had some frozen raspberries I thought it would be worth a try.

And am I glad I did!! It was a HUGE success! He chewed happily for what felt like hours! He couldn't get enough! The best part about it what that I could totally relax while he did his thing because the design takes away the risk of choking. popping the food inside the net with tiny holes means baby wont get any pieces big enough to choke on. So clever and cant believe it hasn't been thought of sooner! All parents need one. The perfect way to start finger foods.

Chewing the frozen fruit definitely soothed his gums too, the big smiles made that pretty clear!

The net was bright red by the time he finished and I 100% expected it to stay stained, but it didn't! it washed easily and was back to being white. 

The little net is easy to fill and even comes with a lid so if baby gets bored half way through you can pop the lid on and come back to it later. 

After a very successful first go, I filled the net with strawberries, and again he had so much fun with it, I couldn't believe the sucking noises he was making and he demolished 3 strawberries! So cute watching him smack his lips together in delight! 

I really think this is a must have product for all weaning babies, I cant wait to fill it with lots of fruity goodies and have popped some more fruit in the freezer ready for those bad teeth days!

Do you have The Nibbler? What does your little one think?

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

A ramble from a C section mum

To the women reading this who is booked in to deliver her baby by Cesearean Section - you have not failed. Having a C section is a terryfying thing, the love for your baby gets you through but you have to be bloody brave too.

Delivering your baby through the 'sun roof ' does not make you any less of a woman. I don't know why women who have natural drug free births are celebrated and  c section mummas feel ashamed, we are all mothers. Mothers who have faced fear and pain to bring our tiny bundles into this world. All births should be celebrated equally. Period. 

At 34 weeks I was told our baby was breech, he didn't move so I was booked in for a c section. 

I had dreamt of a drug free birth using the hypno birthing techniques I had spent months practising and in a matter of moments that dream was gone. 

My c section was always referred to as an 'elective' something which I never understood. I didn't choose to have a c section, I had no choice, medically it was the safest thing for my baby.

Having a C section is not an easy option. It is terrifying so no one should ever be judged for choosing to have a c section, and for those mums who have the choice taken out of their hands in a matter of moments as they are rushed down to theatre as an emergency unfolds, I admire you, your bravery is unremarkable.

I think some women loose sight of what birth is for, it has 1 sole purpose. To bring your baby into the world safely, it doesn't matter how. If you have a healthy baby at the end it's a job well done. I was asked by a few people would I not try a vaginal breech delivery. Are they mad? Am I selfish enough to risk my babies life just so I can experience what society says would make me a better women. Absolutely not. 

Someone may think they are better than me because they had a vaginal birth with no medical intervention, but the truth is we are equal. We both grew babies for 9 months and carried them until our backs ached and we will both treasure our children till the day we leave this earth. We have been on our own unique journeys to bring our children into this world but it doesn't make one of us better than the other.

I have had moments since I had Freddie where I feel inferior to those who had natural births and it has taken me a while to feel proud of what I went through. I will always feel sad that I will probably never experience a 'natural' delivery, I wanted to feel what the pain was like, I know that sounds strange, but I really did.

Anyway I don't really know where I am going with this, but after seeing a post being shared around Facebook about how C sections were the 'easy' option I felt I just needed to write something.

Although I am not sure having a needle in your spine, and then 5 layers of skin, muscle and tendons cut through is the easy option.

So please, be proud of yourself for bringing your baby into the world. No matter how you did it.

The Name Game

I have been obsessed with names for as long as I can remember.  I would always make lists of my favourite names even from a really young age and my toys/dolly's would have their names changed several times a day. 

Chris and I have always enjoyed talking about baby names and we had them sussed. But once I was actually pregnant we were thrown into spending hours and hours (and hours and hour's) looking through names. Suddenly it didn't seem so simple, picking a name is actually extremely stressful! You are making a decision your child has to live with forever.  Everyone has an opinion, every name sounds different to different people and you don't realise how many names have a negative association to you until you have to name a baby!

Girls names were easy, we loved so many picking which one to choose would have been a struggle. Personally I think you can be a bit more creative with girls names, something a bit more unusual, pretty and unique just seems to work better with girls names. But I felt a boys name needed to be strong and classic. We were delighted when the sonographer announced we were expecting a blue one but slightly panicked at the thought of finding a name!

We knew straight away that the middle name would be William, I have a thing that a middle name should mean something and William is Chris's middle name, the name of his Great Grandfather and luckily flowed beautifully after pretty much anything.  If we ever have a girl her middle name would be after Chris's Grandma who is very sadly no longer with us.

Our favourite name has already been snapped up in our family so after a loooooot of talking, list writing, crossing them off, writing them again and shouting out theoretical names in the hallway this was our top list...
  1. Arthur
  2. Theo
  3. Edward 'Teddy/Ted'
  4. Fletcher
  5. Jacob
  6. Jasper
  7. Henry
  8. Zachary
  9. Freddie
  10. William (as a first name)
I think there were some names on this list that we kind of knew we would never choose, but that we felt a connection too all the same.

To me it was always Arthur, its what I had wanted before baby was even conceived and as Chris came to love it too I just assumed that's what we would choose.

Freddie was first suggested by my Step Dad but I just brushed it off. But Chris kept mentioning it and when I looked it up I was surprised to find that it hadn't been in the top 50 names for 3 years and I loved the meaning (peaceful ruler).  Freddie William sounded beautiful together so I agreed for it to go on the list and the more we talked about it, the more I loved it. My Great Grandad was called Fred, so it's quite nice that it does also have a family connotation too.

When we were handed our little bundle Chris asked me what I wanted to call him, I said Arthur and that was that.  But as I cuddled my baby 'Arthur' I could just feel that wasn't his name. I was disappointed as I love everything about the name, but it just wasn't right.  So as I lay on the operating table snuggling my tiny newborn, I asked him what he would choose and as he said Freddie William. I just knew that was it. and now I couldn't think of anything better, I absolutely love his name and we have had so many comments on what a lovely name it is. It's strange because when I look at him, it's just so obvious he is a Freddie. Strange how a name just fits like that. 

I've put together a little list of my top tips for naming a baby!
  1. Think of nicknames! You don't want your child to be plagued with playground ridicule.
  2. Think about what the initials might spell, D names were out for us. DWP? Department of work and pensions? Not the best initials! 
  3. Don't tell people the chosen name unless your 100% sure, their opinions might not be what you want to hear when your fat and hormonal! My favourite comment was people saying "that's a dogs name" to pretty much anything such a stupid thing to say, I knew s rabbit called Amy, does that make my name a rabbits name?! 
  4. Imagine answering the phone to someone with the name. What would your initial thoughts be?
  5. Try shouting the name. I know that sounds a bit crazy, but actually saying names out loud and calling them out really helped us! 
  6. I love unusual names and am not a fan of really common names. Although, try and remember you are not a celebrity. It might seem great announcing on Facebook your extremely unique name but 5 years down the line, will you regret it? I read quite a few posts on netmums from peoe who regretted their child's name choice, which I think is a really sad situation.
  7. My pet hate - made up spellings!! Your poor child will spend their whole life having to correct people and recieving letters/emails etc with their name spelt incorrectly. Please don't try and make your child's name unique by making up your own spelling! 
  8. Go with your gut instinct and follow your heart! 
  9. Poke your partner with a sharp stick and withdraw all romantic gestures until they agree with you.
How did you decide your child's name? 

Sunday, 19 April 2015

50 Things That Make Me Happy

For a few weeks my twitter feed has been filled with a flurry of bloggers writing A list of 50 things that make them happy.  I have really enjoyed reading such happy uplifting things and have been thinking of all the things, in my life that make me happy. So I thought I would join in!

I am actually quite nervous. I hope this post doesn't take me too long to write, 50 things is quite daunting! But here it goes... These are in no order or priority! just as they come to my head!
  1. Of course number one has got to be my beautiful son, Freddie William.
  2. Freddie's amazing daddy, Mr P aka Chris.
  3. An ice cold can of diet coke.
  4. Trips to the zoo
  5. The relationship I have with Chris, We are so in love, best friends and we could honestly spend every waking moment with each other and still be laughing at the end of the day
  6. A freshly washed and made bed
  7. The little noises Fred makes and the raspberries he has started blowing
  8. laying in bed with Mr P talking about our plans for the future
  9. Taking pictures, I'm no photographer but I could photograph my beautiful boy all day long
  10. Holidays and planning future adventures
  11. Watching old home videos, sometimes they make me feel sad too, but happy on the whole
  12. A really good cocktail
  13. A clean home, organised, polished, hovered, moped, bleached and fabreeze'd with favourite pink blossom smell!
  14. Sunday mornings in bed with Mr P and Freddie cuddled in the middle.
  15. Where I live, it is so lovely and looks gorgeous in the sunshine
  16. Looking at houses on rightmove
  17. listening to music, loudly and singing until my voice is hoarse
  18. Grilled asparagus in balsamic vinegar and mashed potato!
  19. Lying on the sofa snuggled under my big pink fluffy blanket
  20. Pushing my icandy in the sunshine
  21. The private jokes Mr P and I share that can have us laughing so hard we cant speak
  22. Trashy tv, KUWTK, The Real Housewives of Cheshire, Made in Chelsea, TOWIE, I love it all!
  23. Watching Fred learn new things
  24. My engagement ring and the fact I actually own a real diamond
  25. Watching Mr P and Freddie together, I have never witnessed love like it. They are the best of friends and it is adorable too watch. Chris has become such an incredible father.
  26. The necklace I was given on my first mothers day engraved with Freddie's name
  27. Summer evenings in pub gardens
  28. When my hair and make up goes right
  29. New clothes
  30. Decorating and buying house bits and bobs
  31. Sitting on the sofa with Mr P and looking around us at what we have achieved through hard work and determination at such a young age.
  32. Wedding planning, so many ideas!
  33. Looking at baby names, I have been obsessed for years
  34. holding our beautiful sleeping baby, cuddled into my chest
  35. A blood sugar between 5 and 7
  36. Smells. I can't tell you what smells, because I don't know. But sometimes I will smell something and it takes me right back to a old moment. (if that makes sense!)
  37. Holding hands with Mr P
  38. cosy fluffy socks from primark. very specific ones!
  39. My mum. She makes me so happy and is my best friend
  40. Organising, I love to organise our home and I love how much Chris appreciates how nice I keep everything
  41. Our lovely home. It's so cosy and I love the way we decorated it
  42. The way Freddie smiles at me. My heart could burst
  43. Random quiet nights out that end up being the best nights out of your life. (although its been a while since I had a night out!)
  44. Sitting with friends laughing about old school times and cringey teenage moments
  45. The beautiful sound of a piano being played
  46. Cold hands
  47. Re-reading messages from when I announced I was pregnant, the love and kind messages we received will always amaze me.
  48. My family. we have been through so much, yet we are the strongest family unit I know.
  49. Money and spending it on others
  50. Swimming lessons with Fred
Actually now I have written that I could honestly write another 50 things! I am feeling so positive about life right now :-)

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I look forward to reading your 50 things!

Saturday, 18 April 2015

A letter to Freddie at 5 months

To my darling Freddie,

I am a few days late this month, but how are you 5 months old?! 5 months just feels so much older. One minute you were a tiny baby and now your blowing raspberries at me!

I have been a very naughty Mummy as I haven't got you weighed for nearly 6 weeks! The health visitor did say I didn't need to worry too much now and with everything going on with Grandad in Hospital I just haven't got round too it.  I know you are growing into a big strong boy though, as you are getting chunky little thighs now and are even wearing some 6-9 months clothes! But I will get you weighed this week!

You are guzzling 8 ounces of milk down now, having your milk is still such a messy occasion, if you could stop spraying it out the sides mummy would appreciate it. Slow and Steady wins the race!! You have started having some baby rice this week which you absolutely love! It was amazing how you knew exactly what to do first time. You opened your little mouth and chewed away happily until you had devoured a whole bowl! This week we will be starting with some more exciting tastes! be prepared for a whole lotta' broccoli, butternut squash and pear to be coming your way!

I am so glad we fixed the bath problem! You just weren't happy with such a little amount of water, You love plenty of warm water to splash about in. You are starting to really enjoy your bath toys and love to soak mummy with your crazy leg kicking, I love seeing you enjoying your baths.

Our daily routine is pretty good. You are a happy baby and I am a happy mummy. You love playing and napping in your cot which means mummy can get the washing done (seriously, enough with the puking!) We play lots of fun games, you love mummy reading you stories, especially your pop up books. although poor daddy has had to selotape quite a few limbs back on!

Look at those chunky thighs! You love going out in your new hat and sunglasses! I am amazed you happily keep them on!

You are really on the move now too, not only can you roll front to back and back to front but if I lay you on your play matt within a few minutes you have shuffled halfway across the room! clever baby. You love your toys more every day, your favourite is Freddie the Firefly. You still love to stand and now you can touch the floor in your jumperoo you love to bounce all day long!

You love your new baby walker at Grannies!

This month you walked on grass for the very first time!

You have become so noisy too, shrieking with excitement and gurgling really long stories. It is almost too cute for mummy to handle! plus your new favourite trick to blow raspberries provides you with endless enjoyment even if you are basically just spitting all over your own face.

We haven't been to classes for 3 weeks as everything was off for Easter but we start back at swimming this week which I cannot wait for, you have come on so much in our lessons and I still cant believe at the end of last term you swam under water without being held! You really love our swimming lessons, I love seeing how far you have come. We are also starting back at Musical Bumps, you love mummy singing to you and I think classes will be even better now you are even more interactive.

I love your spikey hair!
I can see a little white tooth starting to make an appearance which explains the red cheeks and the fact you put evvvverrrytthing in your mouth. You even try and eat my hands and you are a serious dribble monster! You are not interested in teething toys, which would be better than your fist! We have needed to use calpol a couple of times but overall you are coping quite well. We had one bad night where you screamed for 3 hours straight, luckily I love you lots so I don't mind! Your ankle is almost big enough to keep your amber bracelet on so I am hoping that will help too.

Bedtime is back to being a positive experience again, you go down between 8 and 9 and although you take a bit of persuading to go to sleep once you are down you have a dream feed at 11ish and then you sleep until the morning, You were waking at 3ish for a bottle but since you have been having some baby rice you are back to sleeping until six, and then till 10 after a bottle and nappy change. I find it quite funny how you like a lay in, like a tiny teenager!

You are such a cheeky monkey and love to giggle

Your beautiful little face melts my heart x

I get so many comments on what a good baby you are, and it really is true. You only cry when you are tired as you are a pickle for fighting sleep and the rest of the time you are as good as gold. Although I am sure this wont last!  You already have such a funny personality, you love showing off and the more people around you, the better! Your little character shows more every day. Being your mummy makes me the happiest person alive, we have so much fun every day and with daddy at the weekends, I couldn't imagine life without you.

Love you always and forever, Mummy xxx

Monday, 13 April 2015

Freddie's First Easter

First of all I need to apologise for the huge lack of blogging in what feels like ages, although it has only been a couple of weeks.  My Step Dad had major heart surgery in London so it has been an extremely hard and emotional time for our family, and I haven't been in the right headspace to blog. I was keeping his business going whilst him and my mum were in London all whilst Freddie and I had awful stinking colds so I didn't have much time either. We have been through the hardest time of our lives but as a family we have pulled together with the help of some amazing people around us and we are trying to build our lives back up and look forward to the future. 

Although it was a million years ago now I thought writing about Freddie's first Easter would be a nice way to get back into things. So apologies if you're a bit over Easter now, but hey ho, I have more posts coming up this week so stick with me!

I didn't want Freddie's first Easter to go unnoticed in amongst the chaos, so I went on a little evening mummy trip to create him a little Easter basket.  I set a budget of £10, because, well, lets be honest, its not Christmas!

I couldn't find a basket suitable but then I came across A big plastic egg full of smaller multi coloured eggs which I thought would be great for sensory activities when he is a little older so I took half out and put in the other things I bought...

Bunny Ears - Dunelm Mill £1.99
Yellow 'Cute and Cuddly' Tshirt - Asda £2
Rubber Duck Family - £1.99 Dunelm Mill
Touch and Feel book about Spring - Amazon £2.99

I was really proud of the outcome and Freddie absolutely loved it! His Favourite is definitely the rubber ducks!

The Easter Egg I put together on the left and on the right a little present from his Great Nanny Madgett, a little knitted chicken! So Cute!

Found this card in Asda and thought it was adorable!
On Good Friday we met up with some gorgeous friends and had a lovely pub lunch (whats a bank holiday weekend without a pub lunch!) followed by a walk in Knole Park. Freddie loved all the attention and really seemed to enjoy watching the deer in the park!

On Easter Sunday we went for a lovely breakfast followed by a relaxed family afternoon.  Freddie sat in a little high chair at breakfast, he looked so grown up sitting there all by himself! SOB! It really was the perfect way to spend our first family Easter.

We were running maaaajorrrly late to breakfast but I managed to get a quick Easter photo shoot featuring the bunny ears! Anyway enough of me boring you, Here is our first family Easter in Pictures... x

Ready for Knole Park with Mr P. Anyone else love a bobble hat? The bigger the bobble the better!
Good Friday family selfie!

Freddie wore his baby Timberlands for the first time! even though they are still a tad too big!

My boys in the park!

Freddie enjoying his first pub lunch!

Freddie, Mummy and Auntie Lauren

Freddie and the girls (and the bobble hat)

DIY Easter Photo shoot!

I leave the room for two seconds and what does he do to mummy's pretty display? his little face is so cute like he doesn't know how it happened!

Ready for breakfast!

Freddie in the little high chair!

Playing with his Easter Toys!

Aw these photos make my heart swell! Love my boys so much! Thank you for reading!